Secrets, “No Comments” & Lack of Public Awareness

December 31, 2012 John P Uncategorized

It is now the year 2013, and it has been 380 days since Ayla was reported missing. Though there are many things I find totally unacceptable about Ayla’s disappearance, there are a few that I must address at the beginning of this New Year. Since December fourteenth of 2012 there has been a Press conference […]


Questions For Law Enforcement

December 29, 2012 mountain mama Uncategorized

We have all been discouraged by the lack of information law enforcement has been willing to share about their investigation in Ayla’s disappearance. I understand that they can’t tell us anything that might hinder their investigation, but I have so many questions, and I think most of you do too. My County Sheriff has agreed […]


Call in any information to MSP @ 1-207-624-7076

December 26, 2012 John P Uncategorized

John Walsh, host of “America’s Most Wanted”, as we all know is one of the leading experts in the field of recovering missing children. This is because his own son Adam was abducted then murdered in 1981. God Bless Adam and God Bless Mr. Walsh, for trying to help so many other families who have been […]


Ayla Reynolds Holiday Season?

December 24, 2012 John P Uncategorized

These pictures of Ayla Bell are so vibrant, so pure, and so loving. You can look at each picture and let your imagination run wild. What did Ayla get that first Christmas morning? What would she have under the tree this Christmas Day? Could Ayla have been the next world famous ballerina, or maybe the […]


What do you think?

December 20, 2012 John P Uncategorized

It has been discussed on this site for a few days now about how atrocious it was that not a single DiPietro or Tudela, or thier family members, commented on the one year mark of Ayla’s “disappearance”. What if I were to say that I believe that a few members of both families reached out […]


Justin, Where Is Ayla?

December 18, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

Reader submission by Mountain Mama & Mr M. Today is 12/19/12, and it’s been exactly 8 months (4/19/12) since Justin has spoken to the public about Ayla.   “In the past four months and two days, this has kind of gotten off track,” he said. “It’s been about me, or it’s been about (Ayla’s mother) Trista […]


One Year, Your Tribute to Ayla?

December 16, 2012 John P Uncategorized

This will not be the weekly poll question. Instead being that it is 17 December 2012, the 1 year mark of Ayla’s disappearance, this page is for you to speak to Ayla from your heart. You may use one of the questions below, all of the questions below one at a time or create what […]


Comments for 12-14-12 Press Conference & Shining Hope for Ayla

December 15, 2012 John P Uncategorized

Thank you Addie for everything you went through to get this press conference video taped and loaded on YouTube for Ayla’s Team to view. http://youtu.be/naBT2qtoXUM I wanted to create this page fore comments on the press conference and there have already been many comments posted in the 300+ on the previous post. Please continue to […]


Poll question #12: Ayla’s broken arm.

December 10, 2012 John P Uncategorized

I will post the results but they are pretty self-explanatory to me. I will let you make up your own mind! With this new information about Derek receiving a call from Justin before the 911 call being mentioned on FaceBook and now verified by Trista, I believe Derek 1. Lied about the poker game and play-date […]


Evidence Collection Possibilities

December 7, 2012 mountain mama Uncategorized

I wanted to look at what types of evidence law enforcement may have found if John’s theory is correct. In my opinion, LE knew from the beginning that this missing toddler report could in fact be something totally different than what they were being told. This is a small section from a manual for crime scene investigators. “Which […]


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