April, 2012

Answers for Ayla By Wordman

April 30, 2012 WordMan Uncategorized

I have given my word to the maternal family that everything I write on their blog Answers for Ayla is approved through them, because I never wanted to express my own feelings as theirs. To do otherwise undermines what Trista and Jeff have done with Answers for Ayla. As an advocate for the maternal family […]


What Was Found In The River?

April 29, 2012 Justice4Ayla Uncategorized

It has been reported that a pink blanket and a backpack were found in the Kennebec River the other day. I was sent these below screenshots. Rob Poindexter‏ @Robb1239  Follow   A tip we got said the items found were a pink baby’s blanket and a small backpack but state police would NOT confirm that information. […]


TTLOM Chatter about the River and J4A

April 27, 2012 Justice4Ayla Uncategorized

So much for extending the olive branch. Apparently it was taken and used to slap me in the face. I didn’t expect anything less and am still glad I mentioned them in the Warm Welcome post because they do keep Ayla’s name out there. I was sent some screenshots of the secret group and I […]


Children Missing in the Middle of the Night-An Epidemic on Our Hands?

April 27, 2012 Justice4Ayla Uncategorized

As many of you all know another little girl went missing from her home in Arizona recently. Isabel Mercedes Celis was last seen by her parents at 11pm, they checked on her at 8am the next morning to find her gone. It would seem that this has become something of an epidemic. How many more […]


A Big Warm Welcome

April 26, 2012 Justice4Ayla Uncategorized

I know that a few new blogs have opened up in the last few weeks and I have read at most of them. I know how hard it is to maintain a blog, especially one with that covers a highly interesting and emotional case like Ayla’s case. I have nothing but admiration for anyone who […]


Contact Information & Guest Submissions

April 26, 2012 Justice4Ayla ayla reynolds

Earlier today, we published our first reader submission by Mr. John P; thank you, John! Seeing the positive feedback from this article brought us to circle back to J4A’s thoughts on having a weekly Guest Post thread. After mentioning this previously on Facebook and in our comments recently, we felt that this would be another […]


Reader Submission-John P.

April 25, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

Many of you are familiar with one of the regular readers here, John P. John worked on a great summary of what may have happened to Ayla using logic and deduction. He sent it to me for my opinion and I asked if we could post it. Thank you John! Another Possible Scenario There was […]


The Story of How the Blood Came to Be and Other Lies

April 24, 2012 Justice4Ayla Uncategorized

Since the release of blood being found in the home of Ayla Reynolds and even before and the confirmation that it was in fact Ayla’s blood we have heard many explanations as to how the blood got there and to whom the blood belonged. It seems everyone that is vocal in supporting Justin DiPietro has […]


Can Ayla Be Found? {Part 1 of 2}

April 23, 2012 Justice4Ayla ayla reynolds

A couple of posts ago, J4A shared information from a source that was initially assumed to be more towards a psychic’s perspective. However, in reading this person’s thoughts, what I took away from this (as well as several readers pointed out in the comments of the article) was strictly psychological. This post consists of two […]


The Life Insurance Policy-Red Herring or A Big Piece of the Puzzle?

April 21, 2012 Justice4Ayla Uncategorized

We all know that Justin bought a life insurance policy that would pay out upon the death of his only child only to have her be declared abducted a few months later. We have gone over many possible scenarios as to what might have happened to Ayla Reynolds these past few months but in my […]


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