May, 2012

Press Conference- Share your thoughts

May 31, 2012 Megan Uncategorized

Please use this post to share your thoughts and opinions about the press conference. If anyone can post a link to the presser, that would be awesome! I will be looking and see what I can find. WABI TV5 says they will be streaming the press conference live. This is the link I found. […]


LNM: Putting a Rest to the Rumors

May 31, 2012 Guest Submission ayla reynolds

This is a comment left by LostNMissing on the blog earlier this morning that I felt warranted a post. At times when our articles get to the point of 200-comments (and a newer article has since been posted), the Readers don’t always pay attention to comments left (as they don’t always see them due to browser […]


Guest Submission: KJ

May 30, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

I will never understand anyone who can question the emotions Trista is going through or the words she speaks from her heart.  She allowed her cherished daughter to be with the child’s biological father while she worked to improve herself. The result of that choice was that she LOST HER CHILD. Trista has every right […]


>State and Waterville Police Update

May 30, 2012 AnswersforAyla Uncategorized

>Download Full Press Conference - WCSH 6 Police: ‘Highly unlikely Ayla Reynolds will be found alive’ - BDN Police: Ayla likely dead  - Morning Sentinel Local channels Reynolds heartbroken, angry by news that State Police do not believe Ayla is alive – WCSH 6 Police: Ayla Reynolds likely dead – WMTW 8 Police: It is highly unlikely […]


Could It Be? More Double Standards…

May 30, 2012 Justice4Ayla Uncategorized

All has been pretty quiet on the TTLOM home front. They claim it is because they are so busy putting up fliers and billboards with Ayla’s name and image up and don’t have the time to post online. I think they have all just moved on to a secret, secret group where only the high […]


Guest Submission: Megan

May 29, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

Ronald Clark OBryan killed his 8-year-old son, Timothy, in 1974 with Halloween candy treated with potassium cyanide in order to claim the benefits of a life insurance policy. He also gave the poisoned candy to other neighborhood children in the hope that with multiple deaths (which did not occur), the murder of his son would […]


Guest Submission: VTLady ~ “Coincidence”

May 27, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

“COINCIDENCE”.Not a big fan! At least, when it comes to dissecting a set of events surrounding a given human being, and his or her actions, it isn’t. Why? Well, it comes down to my philosophical views, I guess: To my experience, human beings —even the “irrational” ones—- are, naturally inclined to decide their next course […]


Ayla’s Walk with Trista – A Benefit Walk for Ayla

May 27, 2012 AnswersforAyla Uncategorized

Trista Reynolds keeps attention on Ayla with Portland walk In an effort to bring continued awareness for missing toddler, Ayla Bell Reynolds, her mother Trista is organizing the “Ayla’s Walk with Trista – A Benefit Walk for Ayla” on 7/14/2012 @ 4 pm. The walk will take participants through some of the favorite places Ayla […]


>Five Months or Five Minutes

May 27, 2012 AnswersforAyla Uncategorized

>RE: Hard Realizations Five Months or Five Minutes, time is wearing Trista down and she’s obviously grasping for closure. If Ayla had been missing under different circumstances, we all would have more hope that she would be found and returned to us. There will always be a rainbow of hope for Trista, but her pot […]


An Indictment From The Grand Jury?

May 26, 2012 Justice4Ayla Uncategorized

Since the release of Peter Hyatt’s post on the 21st on the Statement Analysis blog, there has been much chatter about the Grand Jury and how the process works, are they getting ready to indict Justin? What this could mean to Justin and the others involved?  I have been sitting on some information for awhile now and […]


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