July, 2012

The E-mail

July 31, 2012 AnswersforAyla Uncategorized

The E-mail that I sent out referring to what the Maine State Police had told Trista prior to the press conference was personal and confidential. It was not meant to alienate anyone who has worked so hard in keeping Ayla within our hearts and minds. You have to understand the moment in time. If I sent the […]


Commenter’s Concerns.. Part2

July 29, 2012 AnswersforAyla Uncategorized

  Even though I have been busy, I review UFA’s latest comments every day. Thank you John P, Thoughts4Ayla, and Megan for keeping it clean and well maintained. I am also in constant contact with other UFA and Facebook Admins and I thank you all for keeping Ayla’s name on everyone’s lips. After recieving your […]


Timeline: Revisited

July 28, 2012 Megan Uncategorized

While we have been talking about the things we know about Ayla’s disappearance, Thoughts4Ayla and John P! thought it would be a good idea to revisit the timelines that Kit was kind enough to make. http://united4ayla.com/guest-submission-where-is-ayla-bell-part-4-march-timeline/ The other timelines are linked on this post. What do we notice that we haven’t noticed before?


A few things…

July 27, 2012 Anon Uncategorized

I’d like to start this post by apologizing for my absence on the blog while John P has had to undertake it all these last few weeks. John P, you are a rock star for Ayla and have done an incredible job for her! Like John P did yesterday, I want to touch on a […]


What Do We Know?

July 27, 2012 Megan Uncategorized

  Ayla Bell Reynolds has been missing for 7 months and 11 days. We are no closer to finding out what happened to Ayla. What do we know for a FACT regarding this case? We know Ayla Bell Reynolds has been missing since December 17, 2011. We know that no abduction took place. We know […]


Plea for assistance!

July 27, 2012 John P Uncategorized

I know I am on doctors orders not to do this. M.Mama, McKee, Purple, Nan, and all of you that are so concerned for my, I Thank you and I am sorry. I will ground myself again after this post. I have a favor to ask all of you that read here. Can you plase […]


Commentators Concerns Addressed

July 26, 2012 John P Uncategorized

I am posting this response in reply to several questions asked of me over the past few days. I will leave it up until 8:00 PM this evening, at which time Thoughts4Ayla will post here comments. I know it took a while for me to respond, but unlike my last mistake where I did not […]


Maine State Police Statements – What do they really mean?

July 24, 2012 John P Uncategorized

Statement #1 “We think it is highly unlikely Ayla Reynolds will be found alive,” Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Stephen McCausland said at a Thursday afternoon press conference. “Nothing points in that direction.” Does the above statement mean that Ayla Bell Reynolds is now in Gods arms looking over her family with a smile? […]


Additional Theories for discussion

July 23, 2012 John P Uncategorized

There were several additional theories in the comments section I wanted to include here on a new post. We did exceed the 300 comments so if there was a comment or theory I missed, please feel free to copy paste the comments here!  Stacy4Ayla said: I vote for the next one to be a discussion […]


Possible theories for discussion!

July 21, 2012 John P Uncategorized

This morning Steve posted the following and I wanted to allow EVERYONE to build upon, or eliminate from, his possible scenarios! Please feel free to speak on your thoughts of the scenarios listed or possibly one that you would like to include as a possible scenario. Please remember that it is impossible for a theory […]


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