October, 2012

Poll Question #6: Courtney

October 30, 2012 mountain mama Uncategorized

Last week’s poll question: What do you think is the reason for the involvement of the Tudela family in Ayla’s case? And here are the results: 18% answered #1- It is nothing nefarious. They are simply standing behind & supporting Derek’s long-time best friend, Justin. 11% answered #2- They are attempting to conceal Derek’s direct […]


Update – Hunters Awareness Project – Jack O’Lanterns for Ayla & Lisa

October 24, 2012 John P Uncategorized

I will begin this post by saying, each and every one of you involved with the Hunters Awareness Project make me proud to be a part of such a wonderful team of caring and giving individuals, Ayla’s Team! I wanted to name each of you individually and say Thank You, but I was reminded by […]


Weekly Poll Question #5: Tudela Family Involvement?

October 22, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

As always, we will start with the results of the last poll question. Do you think Justin purchased the insurance on Ayla’s life with the intention of killing her and collecting on the policy? Yes, I think he bought the policy in October with the intent of killing Ayla and collecting the payout  28 % […]


Poll Question #4: The LIP

October 14, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

Start the drum roll everyone… Here are the results from last week’s poll question: The question was; Of the 5 choices below, do you think the items found in the Kennebec River relate to Ayla? 68% of people answered: Yes for the April 25th and No for May 8th. 2% of people answered: Yes for […]


Ayla’s Posters

October 12, 2012 John P Uncategorized

This post is to provide a single point of reference for the posters we are using to provide awareness to the hunters and fisherman and the public in general. If you would like to have some printed out and mailed to you, please e-mail myself at johnpomerleau@hotmail.com or Purple at 100purplebutterflies@gmail.com and we will mail […]


Hunters For Ayla? by Mountain Mama

October 9, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

Just a quick reminder before we read and comment on MM’s post- This week’s poll question by Masquerade will be open until Sunday night. Please, take a moment to read the previous page, submit your answer and comment the reasons for your decision. The results will be posted Monday night with the new poll question. […]


Weekly Poll Question #3: Items found in Kennebec River?

October 8, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

Starting out, as we hope to do each week, here are the results of the poll question for last week. We had a total of 64 votes cast, so thank you to all who participated and commented on the question. The question was asked; Is the baby gate a red herring or does it play […]


Additional comment space for Poll Question.

October 6, 2012 John P Uncategorized

Due to the large number of comments (371), I am adding this page as a courtesy for those on mobile devices. I would encourage that you copy & paste a commentators comment as a prelude to your comments so we will know what your current comment is concerning. Both Purple and I are working on […]


Weekly Poll Question #2 : The Baby Gate

October 1, 2012 John P Uncategorized

I was going to start this article off with, “Here’s the moment we all have been waiting for!” But, what we truly are waiting for is Ayla to be brought home… so I will simply state: Here are the results from last weeks’ poll question: Do you think Ayla disappeared on the night of the […]


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