November, 2012

Poll Question #10: What is Elisha DiPietro’s involvement?

November 26, 2012 mountain mama Uncategorized

As for last weeks poll question, it appears that the majority (54%) of people believe Ayla was harmed in a fit of rage. Though it is a slim majority, it is no easier to accept that a much larger majority (91%) do believe Ayla was harmed in the house. I do pray that the 9% […]


Poll Question #9: Ayla’s disappearance is best described as …….

November 19, 2012 Guest Submission Uncategorized

Poll Question #8 results show that 75% of voters believe Phoebe has lied, while only 18% believe she did not. The clean-up and disposal of evidence is balance throughout. Thank you to our voters, it is great to see the variations of thoughts and reasons for this. 1.)   My question is…How do you think Phoebe […]


Eleven months Justin, when will the time be right?

November 17, 2012 John P Uncategorized

Ayla Reynolds was reported missing by her father Justin DiPietro at approximately 8:50 AM on 17 December 2011. Exactly 11 months ago today. Many questions exist as to where Ayla may be, what may have become of this sweet innocent angel and who may be responsible for Ayla’s disappearance? I believe there is one person in […]


Weekly Poll Question #8: What is Phoebe DiPietro’s involvement?

November 12, 2012 mountain mama Uncategorized

First, we need to report the results of last weeks question and the subsequent discussions. It is overwhelmingly clear that both DHHS and K Small should be held accountable in the view of our voters. 1)Were DHHS and/or Karen Small responsible and/or negligent with their involvement in the Ayla Reynolds disappearance? A. DHHS and Karen […]


Poll Question #7: Ayla Reynolds and DHHS?

November 5, 2012 John P Uncategorized

Starting with last week’s poll question, it is apparent that the large majority do not think Courtney was directly responsible for harming Ayla (69%) and that Courtney is aware of what happened to Ayla but is lying to protect either Justin, Herself, or Both (47%). Here are the breakdowns of those that voted. In what […]


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