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I wanted to look at what types of evidence law enforcement may have found if John’s theory is correct. In my opinion, LE knew from the beginning that this missing toddler report could in fact be something totally different than what they were being told. This is a small section from a manual for crime scene investigators.

“Which leads me to another key point about observing the scene: it’s not enough to just gather the evidence from the scene; you have to evaluate what that evidence is telling you. Making that evaluation can be trickier than it seems. First of all, the case begins when you receive a call that a murder or a burglary or some other kind of crime has occurred. But when you get to the scene, you have to keep an open mind to other possibilities. You can’t just rush in with a preconceived idea or you’ll only find what you expect to find. Sometimes problems occur because the scene has been altered. The scene may appear “normal” or appropriate for the crime that was supposed to have occurred, but the scene has actually been orchestrated to look that way to hide a different crime.“

If Justin cleaned up the blood evidence he had to take it somewhere.  He probably would’ve tried to put everything with blood on it in some type of leak proof container before taking it upstairs. Did any of it get on his shoes, clothes, hands or hair? I would think Justin was in a hurry but even if he was very careful, at least a small amount would’ve gotten on him somewhere. If so, what are the chances Justin could’ve walked up the stairway and opened and closed the door, with one hand holding the container, and not even a tiny smear of blood was transferred on the steps, rails, walls, doors or doorknobs? If Derek, or someone else, helped Justin clean it up then it doubles the possibility that blood was transferred in some way.

“Transfer blood splatter is when blood is moved from one area to another and is demonstrated when someone steps in a pool of blood and then travels to a different location. Most times, transfer blood stains can leave an imprint of what object caused the transfer like an outline of a shoe print or a hand print.”

Remember when Heidi stated that she saw 4 tiny, pin sized spots of blood that were circled? I wonder how many circled spots of blood Heidi saw.  For instance, did she see this circled spot being swabbed on the door? When you zoom in you can see a spot of something red on the swab, an X that appears to have been writen on the door above the investigators heads and the forensic investigators are gloved, gowned and shoed. Now does anyone else have an opinion of what the red spot is on the swab in the investigators hand?







I am adding two more pics provided to me by Emerald. The doorframe behind the evidence tech has what appears to be a couple more circles and a square on the doorframe itself. Not on the door.


Thursday, Dec. 22 - Crime-scene tape goes up

Six days into the search, investigators put crime-scene tape around DiPietro’s house and intensify the search for clues. Two of the state’s top homicide prosecutors visited the house and cadaver dogs joined the search.

Besides the towels or rags that were used in the clean-up, what else besides Ayla would need to be removed from the house? Anything that got blood evidence on it when Ayla was harmed, this could be furniture, bed linens, clothing, shoes, toys etc. The clothing, shoes, and gloves (if used) of everyone who helped in the clean-up. If any cleaners such as bleach, pine-sol were used the containers would have DNA evidence on them from Ayla’s blood and whoever handled the containers. Were all these things stored temporarily in the garage and shed as John suspects? Law enforcement, with cadaver dogs focused on the house, shed and garage. They also checked the dumpsters at the Comfort Inn and the Champion Fitness Club.











UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: State police are still calling this the family`s home, the focal point of the investigation, as K-9 units search inside the home and also inside the garage.”

MARC KLAAS, KLAAS KIDS FOUNDATION: Well, Nancy, I believe that the dogs are gravitating from the garage outward, and that, indeed, may be what led them to the dumpster.”

“Four truck drivers inspected all trash receptacles owned by the company — nearly 600 in all — on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Their inspections included ripping open every trash bag for a close look at the contents.” “We searched every can that we dumped, and every load that has gone to the landfill has been searched as well,” he said.

While I agree that some of the evidence was thrown in the water, I think some was thrown in the dumpsters as well. When we think about it, there was a lot to dispose of. Now Justin has to get the evidence from the home, garage and shed to the water and the dumpsters. LE had a reason for seizing those vehicles and in my opinion they were looking for forensic evidence on the inside and outside of the SUV and the car. If Justin had nothing to hide why didn’t he voluntarily turn over his SUV to law enforcement like Phoebe did with the house? Both vehicles look thoroughly cleaned in the first photos we’ve seen. While it isn’t a crime to have a clean car, I have to wonder if Justin always keeps his SUV in such shining, polished condition even going so far as cleaning the tread on his tires? It makes me wonder if Justin thought to clean out the soil and seeds that get lodged inside the tire rims and the under carriage of the SUV.  Did Justin leave anything from the soles of his shoes on the accelerator or brake pedals? Justin may have tried to remove any fiber or DNA evidence but if a deceased body was in there, he can’t remove the cadaver scent.

WATERVILLE — A sport utility vehicle belonging to Ayla Reynolds’ father and another car were seized by police Monday at the Violette Avenue home of missing 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds as the investigation into her disappearance entered its third day.


This is just my opinion but I think when McCausland said they had 100s of pieces of evidence, that some of that evidence came from the house, garage, shed, SUV, dumpsters, and Messalonskee stream. Otherwise why didn’t Massey just say the search effort hasn’t produced any signs of Ayla when he was questioned by reporters on 12/23/2011?

Massey said police have followed up on more than 160 leads. He said Dumpsters, ballparks and nearby woods have been searched. Messalonskee stream was also lowered so game wardens could do a flyover of the body of water. Massey would not reveal if the search effort has produced any signs of Ayla.

All any of us can do is make speculations because law enforcement is keeping the affidavits sealed, including the transcripts of the 911 calls. I think none of us will know what really happened until Ayla’s case goes to trial. I am confident that law enforcement knows what they are doing and Ayla Bell Reynolds will have justice! Statements from this article justify my belief.

Massey said areas have been searched and searched again to make sure no piece of evidence is overlooked. He said Col. Joel Wilkinson of the Maine Warden Service will continue to make his personnel available as necessary to execute future searches.

However, Rumsey declined to share that information. Rumsey also wouldn’t say whether there was another child in the same room with Ayla that night — as has been reported in the national media — or if there was forensic evidence, such as blood, found inside the house.

Authorities are not making court affidavits filed in the case public, including those for permission to search the house, garage and two vehicles seized by police from the Violette Avenue driveway.

“We’re very cautious in this case; we don’t put investigative details out there that could compromise a portion of this investigation,” Rumsey said. “That is our main concern. And when it comes to releasing those details to the press, we’re going to err on the side of caution.

Rumsey said he also is confident that Waterville detectives, game wardens, search-and-rescue volunteers and the FBI have done the best job possible.

“We’ve done everything right,” he said.

Though I think Fox News mixed up some pictures, I am posting this picture to allow for discussion purposes. I can not state that this is a picture of the inside of Phoebes house.

This ia a link to a floor diagram by Emerald. Though it is not to scale, it is to the best possible extent based on what is now know about the house.


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