Welcome to United for Ayla

We havjohne decided that  it is time for United for Ayla to take a step back and let it’s contributors, who sacrificed their time and resources for it, catch their breath. No one should have to carry the burden and endure this travesty for as long as did.

I’d like to thank JohnP, Mountain Mama, Lee, and Dee, for their legacy to United for Ayla, their dedication for Ayla was immeasurable and unquestionable. We’re also indebted to the people who participated in the commentary, who were just as devoted to finding answers for Ayla. The list of names are too long to mention, but are burned into the very fiber of United for Ayla’s being.

United for Ayla will stand as a testament to those who contributed to it and when justice for Ayla is realized, we will be back. www.Pressjustin.com


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Lighting the way home for Ayla

Lighting the Way

There are people lighting candles and commenting on Ayla’s case from as far away as the UK and the Netherlands. Let’s light up the world for Ayla.

world_handsHelp light the way for Ayla to come home. A candle remains lit for 2 days, so if you light one each day then at least two of the rooms will always have a candle leading the way. Or you can light a candle in every room each day.

Light a Candle in Ayla’s Room And in this room for WIA (Where is Ayla) And in this room for ARAA (Ayla Reynolds Ayla’s Angels)

 Mountain Mama: http://friendsforayla.wordpress.com/

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