LE Statements Part 3, A Fresh Look with Fresh Thoughts

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If you missed part one and two please click here for part 1 and click here for part two.


From day one this is what LE has said, and in the order they said it in. I am using the Morning Sentinel for these statements. (Note: Some statements are in quotes and some are not- this is the way there were in the article) In hopes to shorten the article, I am only using the last names of the person making the statement. When two or more LE officials make a comment in the same article, I will use italics to separate them. Here is a short list of LE officials that have made statements; Police Chief Joseph Massey, Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland, Waterville Deputy Police Chief Charles Rumsey, Lt. Kevin Adam of the Warden Service and Lt. Christopher Coleman who is the commander of the state police major crimes unit.

Feb 1st “Ayla’s Case Puts Police Spokesman in Spotlight” “You’ve characterized it that way, Nancy — we haven’t,” McCausland said, responding to Grace’s questions about blood, some of which belonged to Ayla, that investigators found in the home’s basement. McCausland wants to say just enough to keep the girl’s disappearance front and center in people’s minds without giving up details that police believe could hinder investigators’ efforts. “We’ve asked for help consistently from day one,” McCausland said in an interview later Tuesday. “We’ve done our best to keep the public informed because we are going to need their help to find Ayla. We are going under the premise that little Ayla was there that night,” McCausland told Grace at one point. “We’ve talked to Justin on a number of occasions,” McCausland told Grace. “When we’ve called him, he’s talked to us, and we hope that dialogue continues.” When asked about the WCVB report he said, “If you let it just stand, other stations are going to pick it up,” McCausland said. In fact, a local Channel 8 affiliate in Portland ran the report verbatim on its website, so “it was incumbent on us to make sure the public understood what our position is.” McCausland said the national media attention has had little impact how he and investigators go about their business. “It’s a few new faces, but otherwise, there really is no difference,” he said. “We obviously need a break in this case to locate this little girl,” McCausland said. “That’s going to come from information that’s given to us. It takes one call to break this case wide open.”

Feb 3rd “Divers Find No New Clues in Search for Ayla Reynolds” The dives into the Kennebec River, which was previously searched Jan. 11, and a stream that flows through the city yielded a backpack and a knife, neither of which is connected to Ayla Reynolds’ disappearance, Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said. “We need that break. We need that information,” Waterville police Chief Joseph Massey said at a news conference. “The reward is out there, and we hope someone is going to give us that information for that break we need.” “I’ll be candid,” McCausland said. “It’s been 48 days and our concern grows every day, but we remain hopeful that we’ll find Ayla.”

Feb 4th “Divers Return to Ayla Search” The items they found were unrelated to the case, Adam said. “There’s nothing we feel (that) can be attributed to her right now.” Adam said last month’s searches were incomplete. Divers had considered returning earlier, but poor weather prevented it. “Once we search these areas, there will be more areas,” he said. McCausland said that the teams were “looking for clues to where she might be.” He said investigators are receiving fewer tips from the public than they were in the first weeks after the toddler disappeared. He prefaced all remarks by saying he wouldn’t disclose any investigative details about the case, but he confirmed that police have recently been in contact with the three adults; Justin, Courtney and Elisha. When asked if they were cooperating with the investigation, McCausland stopped short of a direct answer. “There has been contact, and we hope that contact will continue.” He added that police still believe Justin, Elisha and Courtney know more about Ayla’s disappearance than they’re sharing. “We have grave doubts that an abduction ever took place there.” He also confirmed that Ayla’s paternal grandmother, Phoebe, was not in the home the night before the toddler was reported missing. He wouldn’t say where she was, but said investigators confirmed she was at a different location. –Adam & McCausland

Feb 14th “Lawyer, Ayla’s Aunt, grandmother telling the truth” In a side note on this article the Moring Sentinel reports: State police won’t comment on website claims: Citing anonymous sources at the MSP, Ayla’s maternal family released a statement Monday that the child’s father, Justin, failed a police polygraph test, bought life insurance on the child after taking custody of her and sought termination of child support payments after he had custody of her. The statement was released on the website www.aylareynolds.com, which is run by Trista’s step-father Jeff. McCausland said Monday that he was aware of the Reynolds’ statement, but wouldn’t offer new information on the investigation. –anonymous sources & McCausland

Feb 16th “Grandfather, Police Challenge Ayla’s Dad” McCausland said investigators continue to work around the clock on the case. He said the number of tips from the public has exceeded 900. “We continue with as much energy and determination as when we began two months ago,” “At this point we would have liked to have had more answers, but that has not stopped the resolve to get those answers.” “We continue to encourage the immediate family to keep Ayla in the headlines and to talk about her,” “One side is doing that, and the other side is not.” -McCausland

March 11th “Father, Friends say it’s possible; cops say no way” On the same day police announced their belief that a kidnapping was implausible, they also announced that blood had been discovered during the investigation of 29 Violette Ave. Later, McCausland said some of the samples were Ayla’s blood, and the lab is analyzing other samples. He added the amount of blood attributed to Ayla was more than a small cut would produce. He said the decision by investigators to release the information was responsible. “We felt it was important that the public understand some specifics of the investigation. We felt it was important that the public understand the magnitude of this investigation and that some of the blood was Ayla’s.” He wouldn’t comment on whether more samples have been attributed to Ayla, but said investigators have made progress. “It’s a positive sign that the forensic work done by a committed team at the State Police Crime Laboratory is giving investigators new information almost on a daily basis, without getting into specifics.” –McCausland

Mar 17th “Search for Ayla Reynolds Hits 3-Month Mark” McCausland says investigators have received more than 970 leads, and detectives continue to conduct interviews. He says the crime lab is providing new evidence almost daily. -McCausland

Mar 20th “Police Decline to Comment on Blogs Claim in Ayla’s Case” “We were told by the lead investigators that (the blood) was ‘more than a cupful,’” according to the (Maternal Family) site. McCausland said Monday he has reviewed the blog but wouldn’t comment on its contents. “Any specifics that might be mentioned are investigative details that we’re not going to get into.” He said investigators are not losing steam as the case enters its fourth month. “The work continues, the resolve remains and progress is being made.” Although he wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the blog, He said the site serves a purpose. “It’s another way of utilizing the Internet to keep Ayla’s name in the forefront, and that is positive and helpful.” –McCausland

Mar 24th “During Today’s Ayla Reynolds Search, a 2004 Body Discovered” McCausland said investigators have received 988 tips in the Ayla Reynolds case, which is in its fourth month. He added that state police, Waterville police and the warden service have spent more than $100,000 in overtime related to finding Ayla. “That gives you an idea of the commitment that has taken place over the past three months, at least financially.” He also said that communication with the three adults who were in the home the night before Ayla was reported missing has “basically stopped.” Those adults are Justin, Courtney, and Elisha. “As I have stated all along, we believe those three individuals inside that home that night know things that they haven’t told us, and that is frustrating,” “But we continue on, we continue to make progress and the work will not stop.” Asked why communication has stopped, He said, “I guess you’ll have to ask them why the communication has stopped.” Unseasonably warm weather this winter and spring and the early disappearance of the winter’s snow enabled about 100 searchers, including members of the MWS, MSP, the Kennebec County Emergency Management Agency and local fire departments, volunteers with the Maine Association of Search and Rescue and cadaver dogs to search Saturday, said Adam. “Typically we wouldn’t be able to search in March this early,” “It’s great searching conditions out there. It’s mostly dry. There are no leaves, so you can see a long way. Good scenting conditions (for the dogs) – it’s not real hot, not real cold.” The search areas included parts of Waterville, Oakland, Sidney, Norridgewock and Fairfield. He said searches in Waterville were done to retrace areas that weren’t thoroughly investigated in December; shortly after Ayla was reported missing from her home on Violette Avenue. In Oakland, the search of First Park, an industrial park off Kennedy Memorial Drive, was meant to expand the areas that have been covered. Searches in other towns were in isolated areas based on higher-priority tips received by state police. Adam said more ground searches are planned for the coming weeks, as well as water searches by dive teams. McCausland also encouraged landowners in Kennebec County and the surrounding area to search their property for any signs of the missing girl, who turns 2 on April 4. “If they’re in the backyards, or back 40 … and they think they see something that might have some connection to this case, we obviously want to hear from them, and it doesn’t take much to break this case wide open.” He said the invitation extends to all Maine residents, “But obviously Kennebec County is a pretty wide swath from Waterville.” –McCausland & Adam

Mar 28th “Police, Lawyer for Ayla’s Family Differ on Communication Issue” McCausland agreed that investigators have few questions for the immediate family, but contends the paternal family has asked few questions of them. “Communication is a two-way street,” “If your daughter, granddaughter, niece was missing, wouldn’t you occasionally call police to ask for the status of the case? Put yourself in those shoes.” He added, “I will say (the communication issue) is not the case with Ayla’s mother and her relatives in greater Portland.” –McCausland

Mar 29th “Missing Toddler’s Mom Wants Answers” Investigators continue to work on the case every day, Coleman said. “This case remains very active,” “We’re still getting results back from the MSP crime lab. We’re working as hard as we can on it. We’re hoping we get that one lead that helps to break the case wide open.” -Coleman

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