Parting Ways

February 10, 2013 AnswersforAyla Uncategorized

I have posted once-upon-a-time2an update on I am aware of the implications, but I am impervious to the contestable assumptions that have run rampid in certain blogging communities. The simple fact is that Ayla lost her life in the Dipietro’s house and I am only interested in the justice of bringing Ayla home.

JohnP is now the owner of United for Ayla and it’s contents. Tori has declined the position several times, but as with Tori, John is a fair, patient, and considerate person. I could not think of anyone else better to admin U4A and to keep it up and running.. If even as a testimony to the people who fought for Ayla.

Thank you all for your help and I hope one day your efforts will be rewarded in the justice of bringing Ayla home.



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