Poll question #11: Derek Tudela, how is he invovled?

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I will begin with the results of last weeks poll and Elisha’s involvement and where our voters believe Ayla was sleeping on the 16th of December. It is clear that most (88%) believe Elisha is lying but your perception of additional involvement is mixed. As for where Ayla slept the night she disappeared, it is clear again (78%) believe Ayla was not in the house the night of the 16th.

1 )What was Elisha DiPietros’ involvement in Aylas’ disappearance?

A) I don’t think Elisha is involved in any way.  6%

B) I think Elisha is lying but is involved in no other way.  29%

C) I think Elisha harmed Ayla and is involved in the cleaning and/or disposal of evidence.  2%

D) Elisha is lying and involved in the cover up but she didn’t help with the clean up or disposal of evidence.    21%

E) I don’t think Elisha harmed Ayla, but she is lying and is involved in the cleaning and/or disposal of evidence.   38%

F) None of the above I think Ayla is alive. 4%


2) Where was Ayla sleeping the night of 16 December 2011?

A. In her normal room with Gabby initially, then Gabby was moved to Elisha’s room.  6%

B. In her normal room, but she was alone for the whole night.      6%

C. In Phoebes’ room, where she normally doesn’t sleep.      10%

D. None of the above since she was not in the the house the night of 16 December 2011.  78%


We have discussed the Tudela’s involvement as a family back on the Week #5 Poll Question. According to the results, the family involvement remains in question as to why is the Tudela family so deeply involved with Ayla Reynolds case. I think there is now a reason we can all agree is one of those reasons why the Tudela family is so deeply involved, but the answer to that question is going to bring another crucial question to light.

So to start explaining why I think the Tudela family is so deeply involved, I have to explain what I believe led up to the morning of 17 December 2011. I have formed several opinions based on what is now known. But I do preface this as my opinion.

One of the items we now know is that Justin and two other men were at Cumberland Farms at 2 am, the morning of December 15, 2011. Another item that is known is that a $25,000 Life Insurance Policy was purchased on Ayla. This amount is equivalent to the average working adults’ annual income for the state of Maine, but yet she was only 18 months old when it was purchased. And another Item we know is that Derek claims to be at the house, on the morning of the 16th and “that is confirmed”, for a playdate with his son and Ayla.

derek  5/16/12 11:49 PM

Actually “eve”… If mom reallly said afternoon she was mistaken. Consider it CONFIRMED I saw Atla that Friday morning.


So I guess I need to start with the night of the 14th. Remembering from when I was a young adult so very long ago, I believe Justin would have had someone with him when he went to Portland the night of the 14th to hang with his buddies. I believe that someone was Derek. I also believe one of the three people on video at Cumby’s is going to turn out to be Derek. This allowed both of them to have a good time and if either of them was too intoxicated to drive, the other could do so.

Then after 2 AM on the morning of Thursday the 15th, Justin knew he had to be back to tend after Ayla because Phoebe had to work and Elisha had to go to class/work. So there was a very early morning drive back from Portland to Waterville. Once at the house on Violette Avenue and Phoebe and Elisha had departed for the day, Derek, Justin and Ayla are now the only people in the house. Justin is then downstairs in his room trying to sleep and Derek is on a couch in the living room. Ayla awakes and Derek takes her downstairs to let Justin deal with her, after-all Ayla is his daughter. He returns up stairs to crash on the couch and Ayla becomes hungry and/or wants changed and dressed. Justin is awoken by Ayla and he is angry, tired and still feeling the effects of the alcohol and/or drugs from the previous evening. A violent act of rage occurs and Ayla’s blood is spilled.

This now involves Derek in Ayla’s disappearance because he is scared law enforcement will find out about the LIP he sold Justin, exactly 6 weeks prior to Ayla’s disappearance according to Trista. The LIP is going to look as if it were motive if only Justin and Derek are in the house. They then decide that the two of them need to clean-up any evidence, and create a story to be told to everyone as to where Ayla may be (ie with a babysitter or with Trista).

After a sloppy clean-up is done, several items are move to the garage/shed to be stored out of site until it is clear to dispose of the evidence. It is getting late on the 15th so they have to come up with the play-date for the 16th so they may dispose of the evidence which is now in the garage/shed.

It is now time for the “play-date” on the 16th, and at this point Derek and Justin have to split up. One has evidence with Ayla’s spilled blood and the other has Ayla herself. They go in different directions. Derek will drive over one of the bridges going towards his home, tossing the blood evidence over the side. This would explain the items found in the river on the 25th.

Justin goes in the opposite direction with Ayla, thus providing plausible deniability because neither one knows where the other is going. It further explains why multiple cars were siezed, and we are not even aware of others that may have been siezed as well. This also explains why Derek claimed on Facebook to have been at a poker party on the 15th and had the play-date the morning of the 16th. Effectively, they were trying to alibi each other.

Now, this is the reason for the Tudela family involvement. I saw Friday night, that there was some conversation on Facebook about some calls that Justin made before the 911 calls. Because of this conversation, I had to ask Trista if the information I read had been told to her?  I did receive confirmation from Trista about the 6 weeks before the disappearance for the purchase of the LIP and any calls made by Justin that she was made aware of before he placed the 911 call.

So this brings us to the morning of the 17th and the 911 call. I have been informed by Trista, that Derek was in fact called before the 911 calls, thus confirming the claims of the commentator on Face Book, but I was not told Phoebe was called before so I can not confirm that information. I believe Derek was told something along the lines of, “hey dude, I’m about to call 911, are you ready?” That was the heads up to Derek that the poker party and play-date are going to be told to law enforcement as his alibi and Derek needed to be ready to verify the alibi. Oh, and while on the phone he was also told to get over there soon, thus placing Derek at the house to provide the alibi, and to know that he needed to call his mommy and ask if the DiPietros could spend a few days at the house with them.

The poll questions below should be answered with the following precursor added to the front of each question. “With this new information about Derek receiving a call from Justin before the 911 call being verified by Trista, I believe Derek……….”

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