Poll question #12: Ayla’s broken arm.

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I will post the results but they are pretty self-explanatory to me. I will let you make up your own mind!

With this new information about Derek receiving a call from Justin before the 911 call being mentioned on FaceBook and now verified by Trista, I believe Derek

1. Lied about the poker game and play-date
yes   89%
no     9%
no opinion   2%
2. Helped to clean-up evidence from the house on Violette Avenue
yes  62%
no    21%
no opinion 17%
3. Helped with the disposal of evidence after the clean-up
yes  66%
no    15%
no opinion 19%
4. is responsible for harming Ayla.
yes  76%
no    11%
no opinion 13%
5. sold the Life Insurance Policies (both Ayla’s and Justin’s) for reasons that were less than legitimate.
yes  2%
no    83%
no opinion 15%
6. had no involvement
because the call before the 911 call was simply Justin asking if Ayla was with Derek 6%
because the call before the 911 call is a red herring and just friends talking   8%
because Ayla is still alive  4%

no opinion ( I do believe Derek had involvement in some way ) 82%


This poll question is regarding the broken arm incident. I will not call it an accident as in my opinion it was in no way an accident. You may, as you read, decide that an accident did occur, in which case I apologize in advance. I have posted my personal comments in italicised print.

In this Morning Sentinel article, Justin is quoted “That was completely accidental,” DiPietro said of Ayla’s injury. “I would never harm my daughter.”

But Justin, did you not admit to Trista that you injured her leg while rough-housing with her.

DiPietro, 24, said the accident occurred on a rainy night in November, but he’s unsure of the exact date.

“I came up the stairs and slipped. It happened so fast, I don’t know exactly how I fell on her, but I fell on her,” he said. “It’s burned into my brain.”

Let me help you out Justin, since it is not burned quite so clearly as you thought, the medical records below show the night would have been November 11th. And if this was completely “accidental” as you say, why hasn’t Elisha made a verifying comment of the accident. According to Phoebe, Elisha was there in the living room with her when it all happened.

The next day, DiPietro left to attend a commercial driver’s license course at Lawrence Adult Education in Fairfield. Before he left the driveway, however, Phoebe DiPietro called him back in into the house.

“When I came in, she showed me Ayla’s hand and it was swollen,” he said.

Ayla wasn’t crying, Phoebe DiPietro said. So, the family weighed a decision.

“It was my last class,” Justin DiPietro said. “I paid a fairly good amount of money for that.” DiPietro considered skipping class, but his mother advised against it.

Well I have another question, this link says

Classroom time: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 6:00-9:00 p.m., 16 sessions starting Sept. 6
Driving: Must be available on Saturdays. Some weekday and evening time may also be available.
Fee: $450

Okay, that is 8 weeks starting September 6, 2011 ending on a Thursday. That means the class would have ended October 27th which is a Thursday. But according to the ER Records, November 12th is a Saturday. This happens to be 16 days from the last scheduled CDL class. So if the “accident occurred the night before (26 Oct) and the medical professionals saw her on 12 Nov, why is there 16 full days between the “accident” and seeking medical treatment?

“They just put a splint on there with an Ace bandage. She didn’t even have a cast or a sling or anything like that.”

I thought when she was reported missing, that she was wearing a soft-cast, ace bandage and sling for her broken arm? So which was it Justin, did she have a sling or not as reported when her missing child’s poster was distributed?

“The class, the money, that wouldn’t have mattered to me,” he said.

If the money was second consideration to Ayla’s injury, why do you mention it so often in this interview?

Since Phoebe advised against Justin skipping his last CDL class to take Ayla in for treatment, I thought I would include a few other quotes from the same article.

“I was sitting in the living room with my daughter, and we heard a big thump,” she recalled Thursday. “I immediately went to the kitchen and Ayla was scared, obviously. I picked her up.”

“I was more worried about (Justin’s) wrist, because he’s broken it into 39 pieces (in a snowboard accident),” she said.

Ayla was scared, but you were MORE worried about Justin’s wrist? Are you seriously saying this Phoebe? What the hell is wrong with you? As a grandparent myself, my son’s prior injuries are always second fiddle to my grandchildren even scraping a knee while learning to crawl. And if it is an accident, my sons are old enough to take care of themselves. Just like they are old enough to make a baby, they are old enough to make decisions for themselves too. But then again, you do control every aspect of this “family” don’t you?

But Phoebe, according to this link, the accident occurred “outside the side-door. 

Her grandmother says Ayla’s arm was injured during an accidental fall. At the time, she says her son was coming home with Ayla. DiPietro says she heard a thud at the back door.
It was dark at the time, and she says her son had slipped on the stairs outside the side door and fell with Ayla in his arms. DiPietro ran to help them both. The youngster was crying but didn’t immediately appear injured. The next morning, one of her hands swelled and she was taken to an emergency room for treatment.

So I guess Justin has learned how to “clarify” events from his mother. I would assume Phoebe is very proud to have taught her son this life lesson so well.


This is a link to Emeralds depiction of the believed floor plan of the house. So according to this, as Justin would have entered the side door of the house, he would have had to make a left and go up 2-3 steps into the kitchen where he “slipped on the wet floor and fell on Ayla”.

Here is the Doctors report of Ayla’s broken arm.

In this report it says that “This is a 19-month-old girl who was being carried by her father last night, and he tripped and fell in the dark, and the grandmother found them both on the floor.

So was it that he slipped on a wet floor or that he tripped on something, and fell on Ayla.

Here is the link to Trista’s timeline with additional doctor notes and follow-up reports.

Then, in this discussion on Justice for Ayla, there was mention by individuals in the medical profession and by commentators of bruising under the arm and above the elbow. So how does localized bruising of this nature and location occur. It is my opinion that the fracture above the elbow, with localized bruising inside and above the elbow, can only be caused by a violent upward motion while scolding a child.

So the question I want to ask you is two-fold:

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