Weekly Poll Question #2 : The Baby Gate

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I was going to start this article off with, “Here’s the moment we all have been waiting for!” But, what we truly are waiting for is Ayla to be brought home… so I will simply state: Here are the results from last weeks’ poll question:

Do you think Ayla disappeared on the night of the 16th?
We had an awesome 90 people participate in the poll. Out of them;
14 people stated YES
25 people stated No, it was closer to the 8th
39 people stated No, it was closer to the 15th
12 people said, Not sure at this point

We added another poll question asking people if they had changed their mind after hearing the responses from others. Only 4 have changed their mind. 2 people now feel it was closer to the 8th and 2 now feels it was closer to the 15th. 20 people said NO, they have not changed there mind and no one said that NOW they are not sure. We want to thank Mountain Mama again for the poll question and her thoughts on her answer. Remember, anyone can submit a poll question. You can do so by emailing j4a_guestposts@yahoo.com

Now, onto this weeks Poll Question. Submitted by John P.

The Baby Gate
I chose this poll because I was asked by a few readers to create a page that people could discuss the baby gate in greater detail. So for those that asked about the baby gate, thank you for asking.

According to link below, Angela claims that Elisha woke up at 8:30, found Ayla missing from her room, went down stairs to find Ayla was not downstairs with Justin and Courtney, and then Justin knocked over the baby gate that was in place each morning.


Elisha DiPietro was the first person to wake up that day, Harry said.
“It was at about 8:30 (a.m.) that Justin’s sister, whose room is closest to (Ayla’s) room, awoke and started moving about the house in her Saturday morning routine,” according to the website account.
Elisha DiPietro checked Ayla’s room and discovered Ayla wasn’t there.
“After a rushed trip down the stairs and the discovery that Justin did not have Ayla either, there was instant panic. (DiPietro) bolted up the stairs, knocking over the gate that was placed there every morning for the two little girls, and into her room. Nothing. She wasn’t there. She wasn’t anywhere inside. Outside — nothing,” Harry wrote.
Ayla was reported missing at 8:51 a.m., according to Waterville police.
Then in a follow-up article, the events of that morning were changed for purposes of clarity. The questions from the public and media outlets were tremendous.


Harry’s original story said DiPietro’s sister, Elisha DiPietro, discovered Ayla’s room was empty, and she informed DiPietro that his daughter wasn’t in her room. Later, Harry revised the story to say it was Roberts who told DiPietro.

With the change in statement, and the tenacious questioning that followed, Angela then felt that the best thing to do was to remove the comments from her site all together.

“I expected there would be a firestorm. I just didn’t expect that I would give them so much material to work with,” Angela Harry said Monday during a phone interview. (From the same link above)

There was later a comment from Selena that Justin was young and agile enough that he could have tried to jump the baby gate, catching it while jumping over and thus breaking the gate that way. I apologize for paraphrasing as I do not have the exact quote. I was unable to locate it on the other blog.

This brings up the question of our poll. With the initial statements of Angela, Elisha would have had to remove the gate, then she would have to reinstall the gate before telling Justin that Ayla was missing. In the second story, the baby gate is omitted from this article. Then much later, Selena is trying to explain why the baby gate was broken.

So the question we ask you today is:
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My vote is option B and the reasoning I used for my  vote is below. Please let me know what you think and why.

Based on the contradictory statements above I am confident in my assumption that the baby gate is not a red herring. There is clearly sensitivity to the object due to the constant references and changing explanations.
I do not believe that the basement stairs would descend into the bedroom where the non-visible blood was discovered. Therefore I do not feel that option C above is a logical choice either.
I do believe that a broken baby gate could have created a small scrape or cut requiring a band-aid. If Ayla was then carried downstairs before applying the band-aid, it could have created visible droplets.
I know droplets the size described by Heidi are traditionally associated with spatter. In speaking with my LE friends, I am informed that a circled droplet would indicate collection. Therefore, if there was collection, what was visible to Heidi at the time they cleaned up would only be what was left after collection. I know this is not factual, but it is logical to my way of thinking. Therefore I believe the droplets would have been larger and possibly created by a small cut.
The obvious question for me would be, why wouldn’t those droplets be cleaned when the rest of the non-visible clean-up was done. It stands to reason that the clean-up was performed in a specific area (Justin temporary basement bedroom) and the droplets at the base of the stairs would be from yet another injury Ayla sustained in her short stay in that house.
Therefore my selection is option B, the droplets at the base of the stairs could have been created due to a malfunctioning or broken baby gate.

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