What about the other two?

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What about the other two?

From what we’ve been told so far from Jeff it would seem that the evidence Trista saw on 1/3/13 leads Trista and Jeff to think Justin is somehow responsible for what happened to Ayla. Otherwise they wouldn’t be pressing for him to be prosecuted. Nothing at this point has been said about prosecuting Elisha or Courtney.

Is it possible that the blood evidence on these 30-40 photos was overlooked by the other two in the home the night that Ayla went missing? On the morning of 12/17/11, who really found that Ayla “was not in her bed”? We first were told that Elisha found her bed empty and rushed down to the basement to see if Ayla was with Justin. Next we were told that Elisha and Courtney were both upstairs when they realized Ayla wasn’t in bed and Courtney went down to tell Justin.

Most accounts say that they discovered Ayla was missing at 8 AM and Jeff told us Justin called 911 at 8:56 AM. In that amount of time while they were supposedly looking for Ayla how could they have missed seeing the blood? Unless most, if not all of the blood was cleaned up they should have seen it when searching for Ayla inside that house. We’ve heard from more than one neighbor that Justin, Elisha and Courtney weren’t seen outside looking for Ayla before 911 was called. If they weren’t outside looking then they had 56 minutes to look inside, and yet they didn’t see any blood?

Until 9/24/13 we won’t know how much of the blood was cleaned up or whether Elisha and Courtney should’ve noticed it. If the blood was just in the basement maybe Elisha wouldn’t have seen it but Courtney should’ve if it hadn’t been cleaned up before she got there. Jeff has said that the photos were from around the DiPietro property and that doesn’t sound like the blood was just in the basement. If the blood was on the main floor too then Elisha and Courtney both should’ve seen it, unless it was all cleaned up before either of them arrived on 12/16/13. We know that Heidi claimed to have seen some of the pin sized spots of blood in the basement so we know at least some of the blood wasn’t cleaned up.

How many times has McCausland said they think the three in the home the night Ayla went missing aren’t telling everything they know? Did all three know about the blood all along? When “The case for Ayla” is posted we will have a better idea if Elisha and Courtney probably knew. So will all their friends, family and co-workers. All of those people who have been trying to remain loyal and accept what they’ve been told to be the truth. What are they going to think? How are they going to feel? What are they going to say?

I would think that this is weighing heavily on Elisha’s and Courtney’s minds and will continue to do so until 9/24/13. If I were them, and I knew about Ayla’s blood either at the time  the 911 call was made or anytime between then and now, I would be trying to make a deal with law enforcement and the prosecution as soon as possible. I would try to do what was best for my son and daughter and what would cause the least amount of emotional harm to them.

The Other TwoThe legal definition of “accessory after the fact”:

Someone who assists another 1) who has committed a felony, 2) after the person has committed the felony, 3) with knowledge that the person committed the felony, and 4) with the intent to help the person avoid arrest or punishment. An accessory after the fact may be held liable for, inter alia, obstruction of justice.

Elisha and Courtney probably wouldn’t notice all the things that the skilled investigators would notice but how could they have missed all of the hundreds of pieces of potential evidence when they were searching that house for Ayla?

The blood was among hundreds of pieces of potential evidence that were removed from their home as part of a criminal investigation into the girl’s disappearance. The discovery of the blood was first reported Saturday by WCVB-TV in Boston.

The following is a case in which a woman was murdered and buried in one location and was later removed and buried in another place. Her body was put in the trunk of a car and a friend was asked to drive it to the new location. This friend put her two young children in the car and drove to the intended burial spot, knowing full well the body was in the trunk. Once the body was buried she left. Here’s what the prosecutor and victim’s mother, who is now raising her daughters two children, had to say after the conviction of accessory after the fact: 

Oglesby read the statement of facts and summed up Johnson’s participation in a sentence.

“She was awoken by Hadel and Jackson, woke up her own sleeping children and drove her car to the bed and breakfast with the knowledge Christine Sheddy’s remains were in the trunk,” he said.

Dodenhoff said she considered Johnson’s role in the murder the most despicable because she too is a mother of two young children.

“Out of all three, she is the one for which I hold the most contempt,” she said. “She’s a woman and a mother and I’m sad to share her gender. To say all she did was drive the car, there’s a lot more to it than that. She had her own children in the car and she waited while the body was buried and then never told. What kind of mother would make another mother go through this pain and agony?”

Oglesby said Johnson had numerous opportunities to tell what had happened and provide some closure for the victim’s family, but let the case drag on for several years.

“I firmly believe but for Mr. Jackson’s desire to get out of jail in Tennessee, Ms. Sheddy’s remains would still be buried under that bed and breakfast and this case would remain unsolved. Ms. Johnson every day from 2007 on had the opportunity to tell the truth and she never did,” he said.

We don’t know if Elisha or Courtney saw the blood or any other evidence, nor do we know if they were involved in removing Ayla. What we do know is if they suspected or knew at any time what happened to Ayla, and haven’t told law enforcement everything they know, then they are “accessories after the fact”.  

Elisha and Courtney,

Don’t put your family, friends and loved ones through this any longer. It’s not fair to them. Some of them have known you and loved you for all of your lives. They’ve gone to bat for you and defended you time after time. Do you understand that any time they begin to have doubts about your story they probably feel guilty for even considering you might not be telling them the truth? You may not have to face Ayla or Trista everyday but what about all those people you do? It’s time.   


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